It’s time to get your adventure on and head out on a Las Vegas Camel Safari! For the past 9 years, we’ve been providing tours of the desert and mountains for people looking to explore this beautiful place. Our tours are guided by experts who will share with you their knowledge about the local flora and fauna while showing you some of our favorite spots in town. You’ll get up close and personal with exotic animals like camels, kangaroos, zebra, ostriches, emus, and more!

Do you want to experience the thrill of riding a camel in the desert? It is an unforgettable experience! Camel Safari in Las Vegas, NV provides tours for riders and non-riders alike.

Camel Safari Las Vegas is the perfect way to explore the Mojave Desert and enjoy a unique adventure. We offer tours by camel, horseback, and the jeep that allow visitors to experience the desert in a new light.

Camel Safari Las Vegas is an exciting and adventurous way to see the beautiful desert of Nevada. This adventure will take you through a breathtaking landscape, full of wildlife and natural beauty. You’ll be riding camels that are sure-footed and gentle on your back as they carry you across the sands. The tour guides offer insight into this fascinating area’s history and culture, as well as its geology and ecology. Come to experience Camel Safari Las Vegas for yourself!

You will have an opportunity to see some amazing rock formations of red sandstone cliffs as well as pet real live camels! It’s so much fun watching these animals walk around freely on their own property. It makes me wish I had my own camel

Camel Safari Las Vegas is a unique way to explore the Mojave Desert. These tours are a family-friendly adventure that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an up-close and personal experience with these majestic creatures. 

You may have seen camels at the zoo or in pictures, but you probably never imagined they could live so close! The tours offer many different packages for all budgets – from one-hour trips to overnight excursions. You will be able to feed them carrots, touch their humps and take as many photos as you want.

A camel safari is a perfect way to see Las Vegas, and one of my favorite things about living in this city. The best place for a camel safari is at the top of Mount Charleston, where you can be surrounded by breathtaking red rock views while riding on your camel. It’s also not uncommon to spot deer or coyotes during your ride. Plus its just so much fun! I hope that you enjoy reading about the wonderful experience that awaits you when taking a Camel Safari Las Vegas!

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