Mesquite in the Las Vegas, Nevada area is a city in Clark County, Nevada. It is located 15 miles northeast of the town of Pahrump and about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas on State Route 160. Mesquite was founded by Walter J. Harris, who moved to the area in 1905 with his wife Alie and three children; they were among the first settlers at what became known as “Harrisville”. The name “Mesquite” comes from an incident when one of Harris’ sons asked him for some mesquite beans after their wagon broke down near where he had been surveying land; while there was no food to give him, Harris did provide some beans that he had carried with him on the trip from Missouri, which the boy ate. The town was settled in 1907 by Harris, who owned about of land.

The Mesquite Las Vegas is a place that you can go to enjoy all of the amenities and luxuries that Sin City has to offer. This city offers world-class shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The best part about this destination is its close proximity to the famous Strip which means you will never be far from your favorite casino or nightclub!

Las Vegas is a city in the Nevada desert, known for its casinos and nightlife. It’s also a popular travel destination for families with children because of its family-friendly attractions like theme parks and shows. With so much to do in Sin City, how would you ever want to leave? Mesquite Las Vegas is an amazing oasis just 30 minutes from the strip that caters exclusively to adults looking for a little R&R on their vacation.

This town is located just outside of the city limits of Las Vegas. The best thing about this location is that it has all the fun and excitement of being near Sin City, but without any of the crazy traffic or hassle.

Mesquite Las Vegas is a city that is located in Clark County, Nevada. The population of this town has been steadily increasing over the last few years and as of 2016, it was at an estimated 20,621 people. Mesquite Las Vegas has a lot to offer its residents and visitors alike with many beautiful parks and trails for walking, biking, or jogging.

Las Vegas has long been a popular destination, but with the addition of new resorts and casinos in Mesquite, Nevada, it’s become even more enticing to those seeking a little piece of desert paradise.


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