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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect in San Diego

Entrusting a nursing home with the safety and care of an elderly loved one is by no means an easy choice, which is why so many individuals select nursing homes at the recommendation of others or turn to a large and well-known facility. The sad reality is that even the nursing homes and residential care facilities with good reviews and reputations can be at fault for abusing or neglecting residents. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of elder abuse/neglect-whether it is physical, emotional or sexual-you need to speak with our San Diego elder abuse lawyer immediately.

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Identifying Signs of Abuse & Neglect in Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse and neglect does not always stem from individual malice. Sadly, more often than not, abuse and neglect are the results of several factors. Improper staffing, poor training, and bad screening of employees can all create a breeding ground for abuse and neglect. No resident should have to bear the consequences of administrative oversight or carelessness. It is important that you remain vigilant and observant of any possible indications of abuse or neglect.

Some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include:

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At Pick Law, we are truly passionate about the rights and safety of our elderly citizens, and it shows in everything we do. As soon as you turn to us for reliable legal counsel, we can begin working on your case to investigate your claims. We may be able to help you obtain the compensation you or your loved one needs for his or her nursing home injuries. Our office’s founding attorney is knowledgeable about how insurance companies think and handle claims, which can be indispensable to your case.

We are the kind of law office you need on your side to stand up to nursing homes and residential care facilities and their insurance companies. If you are ready to take legal action against nursing home abuse and neglect, please contact us as soon as possible. At Pick Law, it is our mission to make a difference, case by case.


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