Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (Sacramento) is introducing a bill that would help improve transparency of nursing home ownership. While some information related to nursing home ownership is available on the website of the Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development, the information is often times confusing and unclear. Nursing home operations are increasingly making the structure of their organizations more complicated. These structures help the operations protect their assets if a large judgment was issued against them.

For example, Lifehouse nursing homes are also affiliated with Lifehouse Health Services, Inc. and Lifehouse Holdings, LLC. Based upon public documentation, the relationship between these facilities is unclear. Under the bill introduced, the public would have greater access to information describing the relationship between these facilities and their ownership interest in nursing homes.

The proposed bill would also establish more rigorous requirements for those attempting to purchase/own nursing homes, and keep companies/individuals with poor performance history from acquiring homes. This may affect nursing home operations, like Brius, LLC who have not had good performance at certain facilities, but continue to expand its operations.

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